Game Management Software

Asendle is completely web based and will run on any operating system coming with a web browser (e.g. Windows, Apple iPad & iPhone, Tablets with Android OS).A´┐ŻAsendle supports data exchange with a Agrident APR500 hand-held device. Relevant data can be directly captured electronically in the field and uploaded into Asendle. This function will eliminate mistakes that happen during traditional data capturing methods (pen + paper, recording of data by acclamation).


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Bring-Me-Home Software

The BringMeHome database allows for people to search and locate animals which belong to a unique ID. Once the Vet/Welfare has found the profile of the pet and pet owner, they are able to make contact with the owner and also view vaccination/medical information about the pet which may be crucial to the animals survival.


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Basic Feedlot Software

Our basic feedlot software can provide the user with accurate information regarding the animal’s weight, place of origin, weight gain per week and feed conversion.

The farmer can have a dashboard overview of his feedlot pens and monitor good, average or poor growth. The software also allows you to monitor each group separately or individual animals in the group.


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