Game Management Software


Asendle Game Management software will offer the following features:

  • Asendle is completely web based and will run on any operating system coming with a web browser (e.g. Windows, Apple iPad & iPhone, Tablets with Android OS)
  • Asendle supports data exchange with a Agrident APR500 hand-held device. Relevant data can be directly captured electronically in the field and uploaded into Asendle. This function willA´┐Żeliminate mistakes that happen during traditional data capturing methods (pen + paper, recording of data by acclamation)
  • Asendle will be constantly extended/developed further with additional features (plan is to upgrade Asendle every 6 months) and made available to all registered users.
  • Powerful search function to search animal per name, registration number, 2 different VIDs or up to 5 different EIDs.
  • Animals can be flexibly grouped either by Breed/Sub-breed or Group/Camp/Herd .
  • Easy import of contact details (vets, stat breeders, buyers, sellers, …) via CSV files. CSV files can be generated by all major eMail programs such as Outlook, Thunderbird as well as exported from web services like,,
  • Convenient payment via PayPal (and Credit Card)


The following features will be implemented within the first version:

  • Support of common breeds including detailed sub-breeds encasing colour splits.
  • Registration of animals with the possibility to link extensive data, either using the Asendle website and/or the APR500 (see specGMS_V2 xls)
  • One “profile photo” and up to 10 additional photos can be assigned to each animal.
  • Completion of animal information can be done anytime.
  • Build up a medical treatment history. Single medical treatments can be acquired directly in Asendle or with the APR500 hand-held device.
  • Each medical treatment records can be linked to one photos, e.g. showing dart position, injuries, etc.
  • Report generation of medical treatment history.
  • Recording of performance measurements via Asendle or with the APR500
  • History of performance data + report generation