Auto Drafters – Sheep and Goats

Auto Drafter

The RFID Experts’ Auto Drafter is a lightweight, fully automated weighing and drafting system that is more durable and easier to set up and operate than most sheep drafting products on the market. It makes drafting large numbers of sheep easier and much quicker. This system can be operated by one person, saving time and labour costs.

Weighing Crates

Adjustable interior wall to adjust for small to large animals

  • Lightweight construction A�and compact design allows for easy transportation on trailer or back of a vehicle
  • Top quality materials and workmanship
  • Easy to clean
  • PalisadeA�panelling for easy viewing and to allow light into the crate
  • Easy to operate



Manual Drafters

Allows top speed weighing and drafting with our easy to use manual gate system. Draft your animals by weight, breed, gender or management group by using the APR500 Agrident Reader.